About us

  1. The association

Meubléco is a project of the association Unipoly which promotes ecology and sustainable development on the Unil-EPFL campus. It was launched in autumn 2020 with the aim of promoting recycling of pieces furniture. It won a grant from Act4change Lab for its launch.

Our impacts

Environmental impact : 

  • The project addresses the problem of overconsumption and waste of the wood industry which is space intensive and energy-using. A study of the magazine Pacific Standard reveals that the Nordic firm Ikea consumes 16.27 million cubic meters of wood each year, i.e. 1% of the world's wood reserves to make its products.
  • Campus Market, a project similar to ours, was created in Lille, France, following the observation of more than 170 "an uncontrolled furniture dumping sites" in one week.
  • Campus Market estimates 80 kg of CO2 emission avoided per m3 of furniture reused.

Social impact :

  • We think it is important to show the public that changing habits and the necessary skills are easily achievable. These changes make it possible to make a move in the direction of the circular rather than linear economy.
  • We are targeting a wider audience, not necessarily attentive to sustainability issues, in order to raise awareness of environmental issues. We want to create a more informed and responsible community.
  • Through our membership in Unipoly and our interdisciplinary team, we want to energize and strengthen the collaborations between Unil and EPFL.

Economic impact :

  • We want to make second hand furniture accessible to student budgets by selling it at low prices and offering a delivery service.
  • We also want to value the donation of second-hand furniture by students by giving them financial compensation for each donation.

2. The platform

Meubléco proposes to sell and buy second-hand furniture at low prices for the Unil-EPFL community via our online platform. Meubléco wishes to facilitate the purchase of second-hand furniture and offers a delivery service to its buyers*.

*(shipping costs of 5 CHF are added to the total order price)

What furniture to buy or sell on the Meubléco platform?

We do not take non-assembled pieces of furniture. If a piece of furniture is too big for our van, we will not be able to publish it online either.

Mobilier accepté: table, chaise, commode, canapé, meubles à chaussure, bacs de rangement, porte-manteau, étendoir, miroir, etc.

Looking for a piece of furniture?

You can click on the tab "Furniture", all the furniture for sale as well as their description (size, condition, price, seller's location). If a piece of furniture interests you, you can then create an account and reserve it. Two delivery options are available to you. You can go and pick up the furniture yourself at the seller's and pay directly, or you can use our delivery service* and pay the furniture (as well as the delivery fees) in cash when you drop it off. The Meubléco team carries out the deliveries, as soon as 5 pieces of furniture have been reserved on the platform to cut down on the number of trips.  

* (delivery fee of 5 CHF on the total order price. Delivery costs are only counted once per order).

Are you selling a piece of furniture?

To sell a piece of furniture, you must first create an account. Then you can put your furniture on the platform by filling out the form under the tab "Submit your furniture". The selling price is determined by us, based on a price grid that we have set according to the type of furniture and its size. After verification of the ad, your furniture is put online on the platform. When a buyer is interested, he can reserve your furniture. He can then either come and pick up the furniture at your place and pay you directly, or use our delivery service. In this case, we will come and pick up the furniture at your place, and we will pay you in cash upon our arrival.

  • For other types of furniture, we estimate prices based on the size and type of furniture:
    • Small (< 50 x 50 x 50 cm) : 5.-
    • Medium (< 100 x 100 x 100 cm) : 10 to 15.-
    • Big : 15 to 20.-
  • We do not accept disassembled furniture.
  • Maximum accepted furniture dimensions : 200cm x 100cm x 100cm
  • If the furniture is in poor condition, or if we feel that the furniture will not be useful to a student we reserve the right not to buy it back.

3. The furniture fair

En raison du mauvais temps, la grande foire aux meubles sur le campus de l’EPFL organisé par Meubleco aura lieu les mardi et mercredi 20 et 21 septembre de 16h à 20h.
Elle n’aura donc pas lieu les mercredi 14 et jeudi 15 septembre 2022. Ce sera l’occasion avant la rentrée de venir acheter les meubles qui vous manquent pour votre nouveau logement ou pour aménager votre logement actuel. Vous pourrez également trouver à notre foire aux meubles pleins d’autres stands tel que la friperie UP Fashion Lab. On vous y attend nombreux !